Clark’s Bowling Club (CA)

Clark’s Bowling Club (CA)

Clark’s Bowling Club (CA)

@ Le Ministère | Friday, August 31st 2018 | all ages
Tickets $8 online / $10 at the door (+ taxes + services fees)


In collaboration with CISM

Clark’s Bowling Club is a project born from musicians meeting at jams on Clark Street in Montreal in 2015. The members of the band are united around a common passion for 80’s music and play an easy-going funk, mixing hip-hop, jazz and electro with a contagious laissez-aller. On stage, you can definitely feel the dynamic with tracks such as ‘Real Ones’ or ‘Walk On By’ released last summer on their debut album Cool Kids. Far from the radars of the music press, it’s efficient and it goes where it wants to go.

The group will make you dance the night away on August 31st!



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