Heidy P. (CA)

Heidy P. (CA)

Heidy P. (CA)

@ SOCIÉTÉ DES ARTS TECHNOLOGIQUES | Saturday, September 1st 2018 | +18
TicketsElectrostubSAT $20 online / $25 at the door (+taxes + services fees)


In collaboration with Société des arts technologiquesPiknic Électronik et Evenko

Heidy P. ​started her journey​ 13 years ago​. She got her first taste of​ DJing through a weekly show that she hosted on a ​Montreal​ university radio station. Initially focused on rock, a few months spent in Berlin expanded her musical horizon and made her discover the endless possibilities of ​electronic music​. Montreal ​is her hometown and she has hosted many late night events in unusual settings all over the city, like an old printing factory turned ​techno bunker ​and a dominatrix loft​. She has been based in ​Europe since 2016​, ​Lisbon being her current homebase. She hosts a monthly show on​Radio Quantica, produces music with her project Rhythm Phazer and teaches DJ and ​music production workshops in the community. She has performed in multiple cities in the past few years including ​Berlin, Paris, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and New York​, as well as having a string of guest mixes on online radio stations such as Rinse France, N.10.as​ and ​The Lot Radio.

We can’t wait to see her close the night after Etienne de Crécy and Fonkynson, 31st of August at the SAT!




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