Interview with Arnaud Rebotini

Interview with Arnaud Rebotini

Interview with Arnaud Rebotini


What does Montreal inspire you?

Arnaud Rebotini : America speaking French!


How would you describe your music?

AR : As part of my performance in Montreal, I call my music vintage but not retro.


Your ritual before you go on stage?

AR : See if I don’t have my fly open!


What music do you listen to motivate yourself?

AR : The tons of promotions I get.

… and to chill during summer?

AR : American folk.


Outstanding memory of your musical career?

AR : Caesar’s evening.


2 artists you would advise us to follow?

AR  Cabaret Contemporain and Shun, a young Japanese guy I just signed on my label Blackstrobe Recors.


Any word for your MEG 2018 audience?

AR : I can’t wait to see you at the MEG festival!


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