Interview with Marie-Gold

Interview with Marie-Gold

Interview with Marie-Gold


What does Montreal inspire you?

Marie-Gold : Montreal is a cultural hybrid, with several micro-communities with strong character, a huge hyperactive village and a thousand offers. It’s the place where I grew up and I need to get out of it sometimes to stay inspired.


How would you describe your music?

Marie-Gold : I’m still exploring genres, I think that’s good news. It is sincere in all cases, and for those who want a bigger portrait and who think that deep down I do indie: I do hip-hop/rap.


Your ritual before you go on stage?

Marie-Gold : Take a moment, redo my verses in my head, especially the ones I wrote the same week and which will be put on beats that my sound engineer mixed the same day. For a long time I tried to be completely sober before each set too. I try business to believe.


What music do you listen to motivate yourself?

Marie-Gold : My way by Frank Sinatra, a classic when I feel stubborn; Roméo Elvis for the words and the intention; Robyn or Madonna to dance, thanks to my friends Ariane and Micha who made me rediscover it when they received me in Brussels.

… and to chill during summer?

Marie-Gold : Soul or R&B. Anderson Paak, Chance The Rapper, Frank Ocean. I listen to Kanye West’s latest album in the sun even though my friends say it’s emo.


Memories of your musical career?

Marie-Gold :  When I realized I was going to grow more solo.


2 artists you would advise us to follow?

Marie-Gold : Major: not only is it a pleasure to collaborate with him, as a human, but this guy lays incredible bangers in the time to say it.
Tierra Whack: Not so much a discovery for many. The concept of his latest album is just amazing and barrier-free. It’s inspiring to see an artist take so many different styles and personalities in one opus. Watch out, feel good factor high.


Any word for your MEG 2018 audience?

Marie-Gold : Thanks for being there, you’re angels, see you in heaven ✌


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