Interview with Clark’s Bowling Club

Interview with Clark’s Bowling Club

Interview with Clark’s Bowling Club


What does Montreal inspire you?

Clark’s Bowling Club : Montreal is where the group was formed, with scenes and rehearsals in every dark corner in winter, and the outdoors in summer, on the street or in the parks. It was our musical playground for 8 years, in different projects and with different musicians, with the real starting point on Clark’s Street, in a basement, in 2014.


How would you describe your music?

C.B.C. : It’s always a little hard to answer that! We make a subtle mix with a big funk base, a layer of hip-hop, a few doses of jazz in the chords, solos and electronics to link everything and make you dance!


Your ritual before you go on stage?

C.B.C. : A big hug with all the musicians, always! It’s important, you need a lot of complicity for a show to go well. You should never neglect the improvisational part, whether a solo lasts 32 bars instead of 16, whether an intro is taken more quickly or more slowly, so you should not stay in your corner with your head down on your instrument but rather lift your eyes to communicate. And then a concert where we don’t communicate, it sounds really less good and we take no pleasure!


What music do you listen to motivate yourselves?

C.B.C. : In summer, we listen to a lot of funk to motivate ourselves! And in Montreal, there is an effervescence of funk it is incredible, whether it is more traditional funk with The Brooks or more modern with Voyage Funktastique, it is not for nothing that it is becoming the capital of Funk in the world!

… and to chill during summer?

C.B.C. : To chill, we’re very hip neo-soul in the band, we’re finished fans of D’Angelo and Isaiah Sharkey, or Erykah Badu and Rob Glasper.


Outstanding memory of your musical career?

C.B.C. : The launch of Cool Kids, our first album, at Bleury in 2017. We had just given everything for a week to finish our album after a year apart, and we had to prepare the live in three days. We arrive on stage, and we do our best live to date. It was during the Jazz Festival, people lined up to go home during the concert. We got great feedback from everyone on the way down. It was the best feeling in the world, and that’s when we thought we really wanted to make it a career.


2 artists you would advise us to follow?

C.B.C. : Anomalie is an electro pianist from Montreal who is still too little known for his talent. He has an alien technique, a unique sound and incredible concerts. Go see him! Otherwise, the band Knower deserves the detour, with an ultra offbeat universe and jazz fusion tracks of the future.


Any word for your MEG 2018 audience?

C.B.C. : We all had the opportunity to launch our 2nd album together in Lyon (France), and the first of us are leaving in September. So this concert will be the last one before a little while and we’ll send everything so that it’ll be especially hot as atmosphere! The MEG festival is also special because it mixes local artists with their French cousins, which will make the atmosphere even more special for us! We can’t wait to see you there anyway!


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