Interview with Omni

Interview with Omni

Interview with Omni

MINI MEG will be taking part in a musical afternoon devoted to kids at Piknic Electronik‘s Petit Piknic on Sunday, September 2nd.

During this colourful event, Omni will be leading DJing workshops and a party for young ones! 


What does Montreal inspire you?

Omni : Montreal is a city where there is so much cultural and musical excitement. Montreal makes me want to party and meet people.


How would you describe your music?

Omni : Definitely music thought for the dancefloor, but not always the same dancefloor. When I compose, I usually try to visualize when this piece would play. In what context? At what time? In front of how many people? At what temperature? Outside or inside? It’s often with the approach of new performances that I compose the most because I can better visualize the moment. So, always dancefloor and electronic, often a little nasty, but sometimes a little sunnier when the event lends itself.


Your ritual before you go on stage?

Omni : In the moments before each performance, I always try to be alone in silence for at least fifteen minutes and try to clear my head by relaxing a little.


What music do you listen to motivate yourself?

Omni : Ticon’s 2 AM album. A classic for me that always keeps a place of choice in my headphones and that seems timeless to me.

… and to chill during summer?

Omni : Some of the latest DAVI tracks are the perfect sound for relaxing by the pool with friends. A little high and funky at the same time.

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Illusion original mix DAVIThe gate of babylon original mix DAVI






Memories of your musical career?

Omni : Last year’s Electro Parade was really quite an experience! Going down on a truck mixing on Parc Street with a crowd of dancers following, crossing Sherbrooke Street in front of the stunned eyes of motorists blocked by the parade and arriving at the Place des Festivals with a big sound, is a memory I will keep for a long time.


2 artists you would advise us to follow?

Omni : I really like everything Township Rebellion does. Music full of contrasts that can be funky, hard and melodic at the same time.

Jossie Telch also makes incredible music so some songs are coming out in the next few months and should be in the toolbox of many DJs.


Any word for your MEG 2018 audience?

Omni : Have fun with music! It is never too early to start experimenting, be it DJing or playing an instrument.


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