KillASon (FR)

KillASon (FR)

KillASon (FR)

@Divan Orange | Friday 1st, September 2017 | +18 | Dj Set | Passes


Supported by the French (Les Inrocks, Trax, Noisey, etc.) and international media (The New York Times, The Quietus), this hip hop artist has proven to the world his ability to musically and lyrically seduce. One year after his exuberant album The Rize, KillASon makes a comeback with STW1, an EP with 6 new tracks. This time he experiments with more melodic and spatial sounds giving his music a better sense of introspection. As a student of marketing now leading his own label, Supernova, he dives down to more personal lyrics, all while systematically interpreting in English and finding influences from the American music scene (Michael Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Outkast, Lil Wayne, etc.).

KillASon, who is also a dancer, notably dancing with the hip hop crew wanted posse and Undercover, leaves little doubt about his singularity and his ability to seduce. As winner of FAIR, a prestigious program that supports young up and coming artists, KillAson is ready take on the Big apple and becoming the next best big thing in hip hop.


English version soon available, thank you.

L’opération Talents Adami DÉTOURS, initiée par l’Association artistique de l’Adami, se positionne comme un véritable dispositif de développement des jeunes artistes français avec la complicité des plus grands festivals en France et à l’étranger.

L’Institut français apporte, en collaboration avec le réseau culturel français à l’étranger, son soutien à la circulation des artistes français en musiques actuelles et jazz, afin de faciliter leur accès à de nouveaux publics et accompagner leur développement international.

Cette année, l’Adami et l’Institut français appuient conjointement la programmation de Clément Bazin et de KillASon au MEG.

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