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Over the years, the MEG Festival has positioned itself as the festival that prescribes the next generation of electro and hip-hop artists and has set itself the mission of bringing together a curious and open audience of night owls, proudly representing Canadian music and building strong bridges with the United States and Europe.

In partnership with Musicaction, OFQJ / Consulat Général de France à Québec – Bureau de Montréal and with the support of the Quebec Office in Seoul, the city of Montreal will once again be vibrating to the sounds of MEG for this 21st edition, which promises to be full of discoveries, meetings and festivities.

From August 30th to September 2nd, 2019, agents and managers, programmers, festival or label professionals, promoters, journalists and other key players in the industry are invited to meet through a series of concerts and networking activities tailored for professionals.


On Friday, August 30th, an afternoon of professional meetings, in the form of discussions, bringing together Canadian and international professionals will be organized. The theme of this meeting will be career development in Asia and Europe. As the creation and environment of electronic music has evolved in recent years, active special guests will be present to share their expertise and experiences on the subject.


— 10:00 PM: A word of welcome and arrival of the speakers
— 10:30 PM: Beginning of the conference, moderated and hosted by Alain Brunet
• Cecilia Soojeong Yi | Executive Manager, ZANDARI FESTA [Seoul, South Korea]
• Heidy P. | Artist [Montreal, Canada]
• Charles Chu | Founder & Director, REVIVAL AGENCY [Paris, France]
• Marine De Bruyn | Projet Manager, BUREAU EXPORT [Paris, France]
• Mauro Valenti | Founder & Director, AREZZO WAVE LOVE Festival/Sudwave [Arezzo, Italy]
• Ni Bing | Head of International, TAIHE MUSIC GROUP [Beijing, China]
— 01:00 PM: The end of the conference

*Conference in English



[Seoul, South Korea]

Cecilia Soojeong Yi works for music and performing arts projects such as festival organizing and artist management. She worked at the Korean Cultural Center in Spain and currently she is the Executive Manager for Zandari Festa.


[Paris, France]

Charles Chu has been working in cultural and music fields for more than a decade. He is the Founder and Director of Revival Agency and International Director of Playtime Festival.


[Montreal, Canada]

Heidy P. is a Canadian DJ and producer living in Lisbon. She has toured several times in North America, Europe and South East Asia.


[Paris, France]

Project Manager at the French music export office Le Bureau Export in Paris, and board member of the French arm of the international network of women working in music: shesaid.so.


[Arezzo, Italy]

Mauro Valenti is the Founder and Director of Arezzo Wave Love Festival and Sudwave-South European Music Network, the first south European music network and showcase festival.


[Beijing, China]

Ni Bing works as Head of International for Taihe Music Group. He is one of the founding fathers of China’s electronic music and also a DJ, promoter, podcaster and founder of Martial Artists Management/Drum Rider.