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Legal Framework

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Copyrights protect all of the content available on the current Website or otherwise available through the Website. The MEG Montreal Festival controls or owns all of the content on the current Website as well as the related copyrights. Any retransmission, copy, use, reproduction, distribution or publication of its content, be it a photograph, an audio or a video document, in whole or in part, is strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of the MEG Montreal Festival. Failure to secure consent may result in legal action taken against the user. The names of the companies, products and services, as well as the logos featured on the MEG Montreal Festival Website may be registered trademarks protected by their respective owners. It is therefore forbidden to use any trademark featured on the current Website without prior written authorization from the MEG Montreal Festival or the holder of the copyrights on the trademark concerned. All content on the Website may be used solely for viewing or listening purposes.

Content posted on the Website by users

The user who posts content or information on the Website (including any forum or chat room) must comply with the following regulations: Under no circumstances may the content or information violate the rights of others; more specifically, the user may not: Post any information that could adversely affect a person’s right to privacy or post a photograph or an image of a person without that person’s consent; Post messages that are vulgar, defamatory, pornographic, harmful, obscene, offensive, racist, sexist, violent, discriminatory, contrary to public decency or order, or any other comment or message that may violate the rights of others; Post information or opinions that are false, misleading or defamatory, issue threats, carry out harassment, incite hatred or violence, distribute propaganda, carry out solicitation, advertising or sales, or attempt to use the Website for commercial or illegal activities. The user acknowledges and guarantees that he/she is the sole owner of the content posted on the Website and/or that he/she holds all of the rights, licences, consents and authorizations required for the MEG Montreal Festival to post this content online. The MEG Montreal Festival reserves the right not to distribute content or information it deems inconsistent with the spirit of the Website and the regulations pertaining to its use. In posting content or information on the Website, the user grants the MEG Montreal Festival irrevocable authorization to use and distribute that content or information as it sees fit and on an unlimited basis, in any medium or media, in the world, and specifically on the Website for purposes of promotion and advertising. The user acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for the content that he/she posts online and that legal proceedings shall be brought against him/her in the event that he/she fails to comply with these regulations. The MEG Montreal Festival, its directors, employees and representatives disclaim all responsibility for the posting or distribution of online content and information, and any damages thereof incurred.

Links to other websites

The Website includes links allowing the user to access other websites created and run by third parties. The MEG Montreal Festival is in no way responsible for the management and control of content on these websites; thus, it does not support these websites, nor does it offer any guarantees concerning the sites. Therefore, the MEG Montreal Festival shall in no way be held responsible for their content and practices. Users or companies may use hyperlinks from their websites to the Website. They may advise the MEG Montreal Festival. Unless an agreement to the contrary has been reached, this hyperlink may not in any way suggest that the Website is associated with the website housing the hyperlink, nor that the Website authorizes, approves or endorses its content. The MEG Montreal Festival reserves the right to require that a hyperlink to its Website be removed, and it may exercise this right at any time.

Policy on the protection of personal information

The MEG Montreal Festival considers personal any information relating to a person that makes it possible to identify him or her. The MEG Montreal Festival shall endeavour to respect the confidentiality of all personal information obtained on users of the Website. Information collected by the MEG Montreal Festival with the user’s consent and registered in his/her file make it possible to present content adapted to the user’s preferences, to send the user print or electronic documentation, to answer information queries, to subscribe the user to its publications, and to register the user on mailing or survey lists. This information allows the Festival to get to know its users’ preferences and areas of interest with the objective of better serving them in the future. To adequately process requests from users, the transmission of personal information to a service provider or a subcontractor intervening within the response process may be required. If the user consents to being included on a mailing or survey list, the transmission of these data to a subcontractor may be necessary. If a subcontractor or service provider not attached to the MEG Montreal Festival must use personal information held by the MEG Montreal Festival, he/she must sign a related confidentiality agreement and use the information solely for the purposes for which the user has given consent. The MEG Montreal Festival will not transmit any personal information on a user, unless the user specifically requests that it be transmitted, unless the information is intended for a specific purpose for which the user has provided consent, or unless the MEG Montreal Festival is legally obligated to transmit the information to a competent authority.

Verification, comments or complaints

The user, at any time, may ask to consult, correct or remove personal information concerning him/her in the file held by the MEG Montreal Festival. All verifications, comments or complaints related to erroneous information on the Website must be sent in writing to MEG Montreal Festival, for purposes of security, the user will be asked to provide information making it possible to identify him/her.

Conditions of use

Under no circumstances shall the MEG Montreal Festival be held responsible for any losses or damages stemming directly or indirectly from delays in the use of the current Website, nor will it be held responsible for the accuracy of data available on the Website, the inability to use the Website, the involuntary introduction of a virus on the user end, the use or performance of the current Website, the information available or mentioned on the Website, or for any other website joined by hyperlink or otherwise linked to the current Website. The MEG Montreal Festival shall not endorse, recommend or favour any product, service or company even if the Website contains information on that product, service or company. The MEG Montreal Festival reserves the right to modify, at its sole discretion, the general conditions of use set out above, and it may do so at any time. Users are responsible for taking cognizance of any eventual changes, without prior notice from the MEG Montreal Festival.

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