Syzzors (CA)

Syzzors (CA)

Syzzors (CA)

@Le Ministère | Thursday, August 30th 2018 | all ages
Tickets $8 online / $10 at the door (+ taxes + services fees)


In collaboration with CISM

Syzzors’ electro-pop special blend mixes R&B, funk, indie rock and 80’s new wave while always maintaining a contemporary pop sensibility. Lush synthesizers, groovy bass lines and powerful beats are layered with soaring androgynous vocals in a catchy energetic delivery. Their bittersweet melodies and dreamy atmospheres will surely carry you to sweet euphoria. The band started as a duo in 2012 and the bedroom laptop project evolved into a full-fledged quartet where live instrumentation became the core of their writing process. In 2015, the launch of their Leo EP created enough of a buzz to land them slots at FME, OUMF, Pop Montreal and even M for Montreal and even to earn two nominations at the Gamiq awards. 2017’s Unknown Within EP gets them back on track with their most refined material to date. It is a polished opus fully exploring their trademark dark electro-pop signature while capturing the explosive energy of their scenic prestance. Regulars of the MEG, Syzzors have already played in 2014, 2015 and 2016 at Divan Orange.

They wouldn’t miss the MEG’s 20th edition in the world and will celebrate it with us on the Ministère’s stage on August 30th to open the festival, right beside Ghost Love!




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