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L.Teez (CA)

L.Teez (CA)

@Belmont | Thursday 31, August 2017 | +18 | Live | Passes


Montreal-based author and interpreter L.Teez was born in 1995. Nurtured and surrounded in music since an early age, he began to dabble in rap music at the age of 16. L. Teez finds his voice and his expression through an eclectic range of musical styles. His words ebb and flow in smooth torrents of hip hop and jazz that combine in a style all his own.

His writing express both his views of the world and of personal experiences. His words are filled with deep, genuine and thought-provoking emotion. As his expression matures and his writing takes shape, L. Teez turns his words into freestyle performance. From there begins his love for performing in front of an audience.